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Lewis Hamilton


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Well that's another reason to be a Lewis Hamilton fan! The guy is amazing! I just he doesn't follow in the footsteps of James Hunt. Though he has won two more world championships than Hunt. After all Mercedes did sign him for $70 million over three years!

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What made me laugh about Coulthards comments is this,


James Hunt - Lived life as a promiscuous playboy and won one of histories most famous F1 World championship battles. (See the film RUSH that incidentally does contain a little fur!)


Lewis Hamilton - Paparazzi loving, high profile fashionista, who lives the high life and rubs shoulders a lot with supermodels, and has won three F1 World championships.


David Coulthard - Lived like a monk, never once threatened the top of the F1 championship tables.


I think that people like Coulthard and Jacques Villeneuve make controversial statements like these to remind people that they used to be in F1, and don't want to be forgotten about. The best way to do that is to critisize the current drivers.



Anyway, I apologise to the mods, my rant has taken me off topic! The original purpose of this thread was to say that Britain's three time world champion, and fashion ambassador, wears fur!

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I think your rant is perfectly fine (for whatever that is worth). When I watched Rush, I couldn't figure out if the movie was about James Hunt of Niki Lauda, or that particular year of F1. It was a GREAT battle! A buddy of mine recalls all of that far better than I do. He was saying that Lauda was just very matter of fact very methodical. My buddy worked for Chuck Duckworth who was the "worth" of Cosworth Racing.


If I had Hamilton's $$ I'd have at least 10 furs. But then again, we all would.


Coulthard was good, he just couldn't crack that top spot, correct?

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