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Hello dears. I have got great message for you. I found great shop with furs in Internet in best prices on the market. www address of this shop is http://www.furs-outlet.com. They are from Poland and furs from Milano. I just bought 3 furs and they are excellent. It was amazing fast delivery and the way of packing delivery is fabulous and glamorous. I received furs with dedicated chocolate in gold paper. Contact with shop also was very fast and professional.

I definitely recommend www. furs-outlet.com . check yourself !


This are items which I bought

1) American parka with fur: http://www.furs-outlet.com/en/shop/i/military-american-parka-with-lynx-fur-4051

2) saga mink fur: http://www.furs-outlet.com/en/shop/i/brown-saga-mink-fur-coat-3969

3) fox fur poncho: http://www.furs-outlet.com/en/shop/i/new-gold-saga-fox-fur-poncho-3956


Please let me know if you checked an offer. That forum is great I' am so happy that i can talk about new trends in fur collections and to share this wonderful webstore.




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Welcome to the site, Irina.


While I would consider this advertisement - I will allow it for now. I'd suggest moving these to our Fur Mall as that's where all of the sales will occur.


The Den is for topic about fur, and not necessarily links to sales.


Feel free to browse our rules, and advertising options if that's something you see yourself doing.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



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Whilst I would agree that this is probably an advert, I have to support Irina's claims. The furs-outlet group sell on eBay as well, and I have bought a number of furs from them. The quality of service is exceptional. They are very responsive to questions, very helpful and polite, and honest!


The furs are of very good quality. I have just bought a mink coat from them. I think mink is one fur where you can experience a very wide range of skin quality. This was by far the softest mink I have ever experienced.


As she says, the packaging is amazing as well. They pack chocolates in the box, with a coat hanger and a coat bag. It's all very classy.


They also accept returns if the coat doesn't fit. Unfortunately, i have been ripped off by a couple of eBay sellers, but I trust this seller completely.

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