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Fur bed

Guest furlessinCA

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wow! that setup at the ice hotel or in a igloo.
Most igloos are too small for that bed as pictured. However, if you have enough spare capital there is an "igloo" you could remodel for use of the pictured bed:

Igloo hotel

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Time to burn the pajamas.

I have to agree!

I would love to be in bed with all that fur!

That fur would definitely come to know the true meaning of a fur Lover!

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Hi there. As many of you already know, I like to sleep in fluffy fur blankets (most fox fur blankets) so look att my Tumbl r side. I have presented most of my fur blankets and also some nice beddings with fur blankets. Look for Swedfur, my collection of fur blankets and mohair blankets.

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do you just slip into bed with the blue fox underneath and the golden island above.whats it like? How do you cope?

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