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Free Jimmy


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Norwegian animation movie just released, and also dubbed to english with Woody Harrelson, Kyle MacLachlan, Samantha Morton, Simon Pegg, David Tennant and Jay Simpson.


Still images:











Official Site: http://www.freejimmy.com


Teaser: http://www.filmweb.no/trailere/article93766.ece





"Four stoners, three gangsters, five vegans and a million reasons to free one elephant…


Roy Arnie (Woody Harrelson) has a dream. One day he will run his own circus and conquer the world. Today, however, he is a stable-hand working in the Circus Stromowski, a miserable Russian big top, run by a hopeless alcoholic fourth generation circus director, Igor Stromowski, and full of useless has-beens and tired animals, which will only perform under the influence of narcotics. Roy Arnie invites his old buddies Gaz and Odd, and their sidekick Flea, to come and work at the circus, and while work is an alien concept to Gaz and Odd, the appearance of an irate criminal who they are indebted to decides the issue.


At the circus, Roy Arnie introduces the trio to the star attraction: Jimmy the elephant. Formerly a great sight, but after 20 years at the circus he has become addicted to every drug under the sun. He performs in a purple haze, counting down the days until someone realises he will be more useful as a set of piano keys. Roy Arnie keeps him going with a complex regime of uppers and downers to make him energetic for performances and docile the rest of the time. If the mixture is wrong, either there would be several tons of rampaging elephant or a sleep walking act.


Jimmy is the key to Roy Arnie’s dreams. The elephant carries a secret, a secret of enough value to bankroll Roy Arnie’s circus. All he has to do is to free Jimmy and his dreams will come true. Yet, it is not as easy as it sounds. Roy Arnie’s dreams are jeopardised when the elephant is locked up for going on a drug induced rampage, then escapes and runs away to the moors. Militant animal rights activists also want to free Jimmy from the tyranny of abuse. To further complicate matters, the meanest men in the north, the Lappish Mafia, are also keen to free Jimmy so that they can get their hands on the elephant’s secret.


An epic farcical journey ensues where the stoners, the vegans and the mobsters, joined by an alcohol fuelled hunting party all compete to capture the drugged up Jimmy. Now the only thing that can thwart their plans is a strangely compassionate moose…




FREE JIMMY is a unique 3D animated feature film directed and written by renowned underground comic book author and filmmaker Christopher Nielsen. FREE JIMMY is a burlesque, satiric comedy for adults, involving slackers, gangsters, fanatics and a drug-addicted circus elephant on the run.


FREE JIMMY makes use of the world’s most advanced 3D and special effects technology, as used by Pixar and DreamWorks in films like Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Madagascar and Shrek. These films usually have a polished, plastic and symmetric look, using bright colors, enchanting characters and athletic movements. FREE JIMMY, however, has taken the 3D technology and animation films to a new level. The film has a grungy but photo realistic look; it is extremely rich in hilarious and vulgar details.


All props and sets are scruffy and tacky, loaded with satiric wit and political incorrectness; the characters are wicked and bad-tempered, each one with a personalized posture and sluggish movements. The way they speak and their different dialects reflect their tremendously sophisticated, yet unconventional, personalities, revealed also by the high quality satiric dialogue.


FREE JIMMY is produced in collaboration with some of the world’s major studios and most talented professionals in the world of 3D film production. Among Storm Studio’s partners are Sarah Radclyffe Productions (co-producer), Simon Pegg (English screenplay), Videosonics and Jeremy Price (sound design), Taarna Studios/Modellink (render farm), Simon Boswell (music) and Sun Studios (dubbing).




Christopher Nielsen (born 1963), director and author of FREE JIMMY, is an artist and illustrator recognized for the distinctive style of his drawings and his critical, satirical, subversive view of society. He has become a legend in the underground comics movement in Norway, having published 20 comic books, two 3D TV series and one 2D animation short film FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER (1996).


Christopher Nielsen has been rewarded a number of prestigious prizes for his work, including the Audience Award for the short film FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER at the Oslo Animation Festival 1996 and honorable mention at the Short Film Festival later the same year. Christopher Nielsen’s 3D TV series about the TWO WASTED WANKERS – two petty criminals and drug abusers – first appeared on Norwegian television in 2000, and was awarded the prizes for Best Humor Programme and Innovation of the Year.


FREE JIMMY is Christopher Nielsen’s first feature film. It is a film filled with satire and dark humor, depicting abusive human beings – abusive in many ways – and their selfish exploitation of animals. It is a film with an extremely rich and humorous dialogue, thoroughly developed characters and overwhelmingly complex images, design and animation.


There has never been seen a 3D animation film like FREE JIMMY. Well-known technology used by Pixar and Dreamworks are here used in a totally new way, creating an underground atmosphere with a grungy look, rusty vehicles and amazingly detailed and vulgar environment. Renowned international 3D directors and specialists predict that FREE JIMMY will become an international cult movie."

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