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Top X Lists of Furs: Dresses in movies with fur.


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This is a thread for posting lists in the eponymous category. It's just for fun, so:


Please Do:

  • Feel free to make your own list after the OP list ("Lists" in the thread title is plural for that very reason). It can be any amount you like, as long as it fits the criteria for the thread (as in if a thread is about your favorite chinchilla garments, a silver fox should at best be an honorable mention), and of course fits the rules for this site.
  • Feel free to make other threads about fur lists with your own topics (so if you want to make a list of your favorite silver foxes, make a thread about that of course). And in that thread go ahead and copy paste this first section.
  • Feel free to discuss any item on the list (as long as it's not just complaining about it, see below).


Please Do Not:

  • Argue with someone else's opinion. If you've seen top lists posted online (in any form), you've probably seen comments like "But what about (entry commenter wanted included)?", "You should have put (entry on list) higher/lower", and "Any list that puts that at #1 loses all credibility in my book". Comments like that are annoying enough, but have no reason to be made when you are encouraged to just make your own list, so you can express your own opinion.
  • Argue with the thread criteria. Similar to the above comments, complaints about the thread parameters don't belong when you can just make a list thread with any criteria you like.


On to the list:

Why dresses with fur? Well furs in movies are common enough (even today), but a dress with fur on it was still uncommon even when fur was frequent in films. This list just has two criteria:

  • It has to appear in a motion picture (theatrical, direct to video, perhaps even TV movie), even if the dress wasn't made for that picture.
  • At least some fur has to be on the dress itself (trimming, lining, etc.) no matter what other furs come with the outfit.


Honorable Mentions. These outfits would have made the list had they not fallen outside the requirements.



Vivian Leigh in a black velvet dress with a white ermine neckline and ermine tails arranged like puffed sleeves. This dress was worn for "Gone With The Wind", but not in the film itself (hence not making the list). It was made for publicity, and worn during a luncheon before the film's premiere in Atlanta.



From the 1946 film "Ziegfeld Follies", based on the stage shows of the same name. Here an actress (I think Kathryn Grayson, but I'm not sure) is wearing a coat with a white fox skirt (which she puts over her dress near the end of the number). A wonderful outfit, and would have made the list had it been a dress instead.



Betty Grable in the finale of "That Lady In Ermine" wearing not the eponymous ermine garment (which was a robe her ancestor wore), but a contemporary ermine, which is a fox-trimmed white ermine coat over her crinoline dress, and a matching muff and hat.




Jayne Mansfield in "The Girl Can't Help It", wearing a white dress with a white fox hem, and a matching white fox wrap. It looks really nice, but this looks like one of those dresses you can't actually sit down in (and publicity pictures of her in this dress do not show her sitting), so I have to put it this low for being about too much "Statue" in "Statuesque".




Ginger Rogers in "Lady in the Dark" wearing a red gem-encrusted dress with a mink skirt. Also is worn with a mink jacket. I think you can find clips of this film on youtube, including where she wears this dress. I would put this higher, but halfway through the scene with this dress she holds it open to show the jeweled lining, meaning the fur is not meant to be the highlight of this dress.




From a flashback in "Sleepy Hollow", two identical pink dresses with gray fur trim (perhaps rabbit), and one with a matching cape. I haven't seen that many dresses with fur in recent movies (as in I know there are some, just I personally haven't seen that many that I found memorable). These dresses do. Also one might look at these and think these are a little fancy to wear while collecting wood. That does come up later in the film.




Madeleine Carroll in the 1937 adaptation of "The Prisoner of Zenda" wearing a dress with a long strip of sable down the bodice and skirt.




Natalie Wood in the film of "Gypsy" wearing a dress with white fox trimming the bodice and a slit skirt of white fox.


#05: Tie


Patricia Neal in the film of "The Fountainhead" in a full length black dress with a white ermine neckline. She also wore it in a scene in the Doris Day comedy "It's A Great Feeling", as she just walked from one set to the other and fortunately didn't bother to change clothes.



Ruth Terry in "Appointment For Love" also wearing a black dress with a white ermine neckline. The dress also has white ermine trimming the skirt, which is cute, but the shape of the trimming isn't quite as appealing to me personally to put it over Patricia's dress.




Lauren Becall in a dark brown mink dress in "Designing Woman".



B14560486252341525_5.jpg B14560486252341525_6.jpg

Carol Heiss in "Snow White and the Three Stooges", wearing a glittering skating dress trimmed with white ermine (or perhaps white mink), an ermine-trimmed crown, and she's trying on an ermine muff that her lady-in-waiting got her as a birthday present, which just happens to go well with the dress.


I should note that the film itself is pretty poor when taken as a Three Stooges film, but I find it's okay in every other respect.



B14560486252341525_2.jpg B14560486252341525_3.jpg B14560486252341525_4.jpg

A sketch for a dress Lana Turner wore in "Diane" (about Diane de Poitiers), a black dress with pearls, ermine trim on the skirt, and an ermine lined shoulder cape. This dress is the entry, but I also posted pictures of similar dresses worn by Catherine de Medici (played by Marisa Pavan).




"White Christmas", Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney (yes, related to George Clooney, she was his aunt) in red dresses trimmed with white fox, matching muffs, and differing accessories among the two.


So again, if you have your own dresses you like, post your own list here for us to enjoy, and if you have your own lists you want to make, post another thread for us to all have fun with.

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