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VIDEO - Fur Fashion Gala Show


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That's just it - the right-click doesn't work for me. I wonder if you have to register...



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I just stopped into the furrier yesterday, formerly Leakas but now Robert Scott Furs, and they were there at that show and the buyer's convention that went with it. I told them I was so jealous! Of course the ladies working there had to tell me of some items that they saw that didn't make the stage... the most outstanding in my mind being a merchant's booth that had a zebra printed fox pelt!! I told them I'd have loved that! The manager said she thought of me when she saw it, after thinking of it for herself of course. They know my tastes by now. She did say she ordered a number of large fur purses and really nice coats that should be arriving soon... and Columbus is only an hour away. They were definitely trying to tempt me into coming back to shop.


I'm going to see if I can't make the trip to Canada next year... I'd love to go to such an event!

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