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Suggestions for furs in my fur story


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hey y'all, I need help with the types of furs that i am going to have Jet (the pop star) wear in my story! I need u guys to put the types of furs you suggest should be in the story! Here are the one that will definiatly be in the story:


Fox- Cystal, Silver, Blue fox. NEED Suggestions of what other types


Lynx- NEED Suggestions of what other types


Mink- Mahogany, Brown, White. NEED Suggestions of what other types


Any other suggestions, Cause i wanted to have Jet have 2 closets, A regular clothe closet, and a fur closet. I intend the fur closet to have 25-60 furs in it! SO i might need help!


Please post your suggestions!

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I suggest Golden Island fox, which is a farm-rasied color mutation of the red fox, I BELIEVE. I COULD be wrong. For mink, I suggest blue iris.


I am working on my book right now, at this instant. I will be OFFLINE until tomorrow morning, which is Saturday.


Right now, it is cold and cloudy in San Diego, California.


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Consider your target audience.


If you are writing strictly for people who share the "fur fantasy" you can talk about types of fur in more detail. If you are writing to a more general audience you need to use less detail.


There was a passage in my fur story where I dealt with that subject. I wanted fur people to recognize the kind of fur the character was wearing but I didn't want to spend a lot of time talking about it in detail for fear of making non-fur people lose interest.


In order to handle that question I simply wrote:


There is a fur bath robe hanging on a hanger next to the towel rack. You put it on. Your body tingles with excitement as the short, dense, grey fur wraps around you. You've never felt this much fur around your body before. You are no fur expert but your female instinct tells you that the robe is probably made from chinchilla.


I could have spent a lot of time explaining the difference between fox and chinchilla and other furs but I just boiled it down to one or two sentences.


Fur people who read that would say to themselves, "Short, dense, grey fur? Of course! Chinchilla!"

Non-fur people would recognize that a "woman's instinct" should be able to "tell" her what kind of fur she's wearing even if they (the reader) don't know specifically what chinchilla fur is like.


Don't forget! If you're writing a fantasy story you have a lot of leeway with reality. You don't even have to have a "real" kind of fur at all? You can just make it up!

You call upon the principle of "Willing Suspension of Disbelief".

A man can't really fly but you sit there and watch the movie "Superman" all the way through without questioning the fact.

Why can't you invent your own kind of fur? What about a "Halluci-mink"? It's a kind of fur that comes from genetically engineered mink. It feels so soft that it makes you hallucinate when you touch it?


If it was me writing the story, there'd be one fur hidden WAY in the back of the second, fur closet. It would be in a special garment bag, all by itself and there would be a padlock on the zipper. "Jet" would spend a whole section of the story looking for the key. When she finally found the key and got access to the fur she would discover it's "special" qualities.

Since your character is a pop star, she would have enough money to afford a "Halluci-Mink" fur coat. A coat like that would cost, easily, a couple-three million dollars. Wouldn't it? Only a rich and famous person like "Jet" would have that much money to spend on furs. Right?

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Having written numerous fur fetish stories (I am not bragging), I have included something similar to this in a number of my stories. By the way, it is an excellent erotic scenario! Personally, I find the thought of seeing someone's fur closet, loaded with a number of furs is exciting! It would be exciting to be led into the closet with the woman or to sneak into the closet to "play around"! Of course it would be fun also to be "caught" by the woman while playing in her fur closet. Anyway, I think the other suggestions fo Golden Isle fox is good. You might also consider red fox. For the lynx, there are two basic types. For the minks you can go with a variety of colors. Also you could go with some of the well knowm finer skin minks such as Black Diamond and Blackglama. Since they are very popular, you might include sheared minks also. I constantly use sheared minks with chinchilla or sable trim. I find these to be super sexy! One other thing though, you ought to include the furs that really turn you on.


Whatever are your "dream" furs, put them into the story. If you have read any of my stories, you will notice that I constantly use black fox. The reason is that it was my first "fur purchase" as a young teenager! I still love black fox to this day and it is one of my favorite furs. I hope this helps.



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