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feathered/letting out/sea otter fur

Guest manywonderfulfurs

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This is my last post for the night.


I am making it a double-topic post.


First, which method is more expensive, letting out or feathering? My kit fox pillow is feathered. What that means is that it has alternating strips of brown cow leather and fox skin. The effect is unique and gorgeous.


Second, how many of you have felt sea otter fur before?

I have.


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You cannot really compare letting out and feathering. Feathering puts strips of leather between the fur to save on actual amount of fur used. Letting out is cutting strips of fur between maybe 1/2 to 1 cm wide and in turn sewing them back together. As to work amount, the only way you would know would be to compare width of strips. The narrower the strips of course the more the work.


As to otter. There were not long ago many sheared otter coats sold that looked and felt almost exactly like sheared beaver. They were really nicer though in one way, as sheared beaver gets a different sheen to it depending on which way you run your hand through it. Otter does not. On the other hand, it did not very as much in colour as I recall.



Sorry, had a word wrong there as I wrote late at night.

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Letting out does NOT require the additional of cow leather. That is feathering.



There is another method where badger guard hairs are individually inserted by hand into a different fur to create a unique effect, but I don't know what that is called. Linda has a beautiful white fox coat on eBay with just such an effect.


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