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Sightings from Winter in the upper hemisphere...


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Now friends,this one goes in to the book.


There was a rough cold wind coming from north and i was about to buy some firecrackers for new years.

I was customer no.6 in line then a girl at the counter reached out her arm to pay.WHAT,a black fox!

I had to move out of line to see proper and the dude behind me ask "are you leaving?" maybe i said.

There stood a goth girl all in black,long ponytail,knee boots and a fox jacket.

While standing there admiring something brushed my hand and passed the line.

NO WAY! Twins in exact outfit!

Then they passed i just said "Brrrrr it's cold today".

The dude behind me said " where is not bad weather,only bad clothes"

The girls laughed and so did we.All folks in the line follow the girls with there eyes,so the man behind the counter had to shout"NEXT".


What a great ending of 2015,see you all in the 2016!

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Very nice and cold winter wheather now here in Norway.

Did wear my silver fox coat this evening. Nothing is better than fur to be warm on

a cold day.

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just watch the news and we getting -30 C in the north and -5 C where i live.

A feel a trip to copenhagen is coming up.

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