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Help Needed identifying Fur SAKS coat


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Hi People , I hope i have posted this in the correct forum.


I would like to politely request help identifying a fur coat that i have.


If anybody can give me an idea of what type of fur this is based on the pictures


main tag says "Saks Furs Alberta Calgary"


and there is another mark inside which reads "EPH"


Many thanks in advance for any help







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The images are not high enough resolution to really be sure, but the trim looks like it might be fisher. As to the body of the jacket, I cannot tell - sorry.

Hopefully others will have a better idea.


And by the way, WELCOME to the Fur Den

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Looks like mink paws and the trim may be mink in very poor condition. That is a very common style for department store furs. Looks to be 40 + years old.

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