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Merry Christmas Eve


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What a great day for me at work for Christmas Eve in the department store where I work.


The past few days have seen a near endless procession of fur trim. Girls wearing coats mainly with Raccoon and Coyote trim sprinkled amongst the faux (of varying qualities!) hoods and collars.

Then today, a lady that I have seen quite often in the store, a tall, slim, attractive blonde, whom I have briefly chatted with before, came into the store wearing a black 3/4 length coat with an incredible thick and soft silver fox collar. The smile and 'thank you' I received for complimenting her was genuine and warm.

Then an hour or so later, I nearly literally bumped into a different beautiful blonde wearing a truly head-turning blue fox jacket. Not only did she enjoy the compliment, but she needed some help and I spent a few minutes chatting with her. She too has always loved fur, and bought the coat a few years ago while on a stop in Athens from a cruise. She saw the coat in a furriers window, and she and her friend couldn't resist going in to browse. She plucked up the courage to buy the coat that she had fallen in love with at first sight.


There is a very definite trend toward wearing real fur. Mainly as trim, but with the amount of faux fur coats around, it can't be long until more and more real fur eases onto the winter streets.


I hope that everyone in our community has a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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