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Good News!


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AKcoyote, my partner and the technical genius who constructed this site, just gave me some very interesting (and good!) news!


"In case you had not noticed . . . We now have over 10,200 posts in these forums and over 600 registered members. Not bad for only being open about 10 weeks. . ."


Yup, AK - Not bad. Not bad at all!


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What really amazes me, FrBrGr, is that 200 or so people have each contributed at least 11 posts... Think of how busy we'd be if those other 400 participated more!



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Fur Lover...

It is indeed too bad that these folk do not realize that they have nothing at all to fear here. We are just like them. We have folks here who are fetish oriented. We have folks who are absolutely fashion only. It is a great home here for all.


Folks, it is now very likely that we will have more messages here in one year than the old site had in it's entire existence. And, right now at this minute AK is working on Wiki. It will really be like a library where folks can find info on how to take pictures. Suggested travel destinations to see fur. Even maybe information sources on nature and the environment.


And that is not all. Chat will follow soon after. Stay tuned.

So much of this great site is still under construction!

White Fox

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