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Interesting Update...........


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As folks may recall, I ordered a new Lynx/White Fox cobra style hooded coat about a month and a half ago.

Its really a very nice coat, except for one thing: They made it 12" SHORTER than I had requested!

Requested 54" length, online size said 52", actual length was 42".

When I contacted them about it, their response was that they would not and could not do anything.

Therefore, I was stuck with what I had!


Well, I got even, in a way. I filed a complaint through PayPal, since that was how I originally paid.

Disappointed the owner I think, by filing. My question was simple: What would YOU do, if you paid for something, slightly

customized, and did NOT get what you ordered? Said I didn't really want to, but felt I had NO choice.

Can bet I will NOT return ever again!!


Well, things worked in MY favor. They came back, stating they were going to make a new, replacement coat.

This is where it really got nasty! Coat shipped Dec 7. Made Athens Greece on Dec 9.

That was the last of tracking, until it showed up, Jamaica, NY on Dec 18. Claims it was held up by volume delay in Amsterdam.

If all goes, I should have replacement maybe by Wednesday or Thursday next week. Depends on how long it takes now, to get

ICS, New York.


Then, and ONLY then, when replacement arrives, will current coat be shipped out.

Ive got a name and address for a buyer for current coat! All I have to do, is pack and ship.

Or have packing company do it, then ship. Company will reimburse me the cost for one or both!

Now, I just gotta see IF they bothered to ship a set of 4 fasteners as well, as promised.


End Rant!


Maybe a couple of updated photos by Christmas, I hope!

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Replacement coat arrived today!!

Not too surprisingly, it's STILL NOT right!!

Was supposed to be made to the requested 54" length.

STILL measures 6" SHORTER than requested.

Was supposed to recieve a set of 4 fasteners as well.

Have yet to see, or hear anything regarding them!


Still NOT satisfied, and will NEVER return for anther coat.

And will certainly tell folks NOT to buy there!!

Gave 'em a second chance, to make things right, and they STILL failed!!

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Was not an EBay purchase.


Did contact company, let them know things were NOT right.

When I did contact originally, they basically said Too Bad. We can't/won't do anything about it.

We can't can't fix it and it can't be lengthened. You're outta luck, take it or leave it.

That's how I looked at their initial reply!!


Filed complaint through PayPal. Think they were disappointed that I did.

Made NO effort, until I complained, to try and make it right! Said they'd make a new coat and send.

Spent 10 days, Missing, after it reached Athens, Greece. Then suddenly appeared ICS-ISC?? New York.


Not too surprisingly, replacement was STILL not right! Was still a full 6" SHORTER than requested.

And this time, the shoulder fit is too tight!! Sent me notice, to ship original coat to Michigan.

Not now. The original, while a full 12" SHORTER than requested, at least fits good. A hair tight in shoulder

but NOT nearly as bad as the replacement. So, the new/replacement coat will be shipped out.

Will include a note to the new owner, letting them know of situation.


Have contacted the maker, again, and expressed my extreme disappointment.

His reply, stretch coat out, measure. Send photo. I think that way, it will measure out right.

But, if measured naturally laid out, is still a full 6" short!!


Not sure what more I can do. I'll get in touch again Monday sometime, after I get home

from a quick shopping trip with my folks!! I'll measure and send photo. Will see if I can

get in touch with PayPal again, and file complaint, or bump up to claim.

What bother me is, they seem unable, or unwilling to custom make to specific size requests!!

Screwed up originally, because they didn't know Inch from Cm.


Wonder if I were to request a replacement again, but give BOTH Inch AND Centimeter measurements

and tell 'em to make it to those specifications. And if they can't, don't or won't, request a FULL refund

of price, including postage!


Love the coat though, but dammit, I want it RIGHT!!! Make something that fits, and you won't have this problem!!

If they'd have done it that way to begin with.....Then I wouldn't be in this position, and raising Holy Hell about it!

And the problems encountered would not have reared their ugly head!!


Have been doing pretty good, so far, to avoid naming said company!!

But, if anyone wants to know, I'll send it privately!!

Would also be curious to know if anyone else has dealt with, successfully, unnamed company.

Based on current experience with them, I'd highly recommend that folks stay AWAY!!


Can't even post Negative experience via Facebook, as ANY message has to be approved first!!

Anyway, Rant mode off, I'm going to try and get some sleep now!

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Well, this is why you should choose your furrier very carefully.

It is not only for the final product quality, but the overall experience.


Regarding shipping though, since I also ship from Greece I have to say that it is very common that the parcels get scanned last at Athens airport and then taking up to 10 days (in rare cases even more) to appear back online, probably when scanned at US (or whichever country it is going to) territory. And it is definitely out of the sellers hand. From the moment they sent it and provided a tracking number they did their part and should not be held responsible for any further delays. Plus Lynx needs CITES permit and this can delay your delivery a lot!

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Next coat I decide to order, will be ordered from here in the US.

Have at least 1 guarantee that I can get exactly what I want, and I'll

be able to do so, with NO extra fees, for the larger Plus Size and free shipping.


Need to check on the other coat I'm interested in, and see what they say.


I'm sure if a company wanted the business, and/or repeat business, they make every

attempt possible to ensure an order was absolutely correct, before shipping out!

The inability of the current company to do this, will prevent me from returning ever again, and

discourgagung ANYONE who asks, from ordering from this specific company.


The only other thing is, no one else offered the same Cobra style hooded design that

caught my interest. I would have considered something else as well, IF I could have

found something I liked, that was within my minimal budget at the time!!


For what I did pay, for current fur, I could live day to day for about 5 months!!

Or, I could have done something else instead. Now, I think that would have been the smarter choice!

Now, unless I pull a good size chunk, from retirement account, or get back disability benefit pay, I'm NOT able

to even consider making a new fur coat purchase! Would have to ask about Lay a Way in regards

to the other furs I'm interested in! Maybe I can do something. Still fighting to get the much needed, and

absolutely necessary disability benefits!

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