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even in San Diego, California, you see furs

Guest manywonderfulfurs

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It's been hot the past few days here in San Diego, but today, the sky is cloudy and there is a chill in the air.



PETA is a PR terrorist organization. They're wackos and every non-PETA person knows it. Fur will NEVER go out of style. It is BACK and here to STAY. It is everywhere you go. Even in San Diego, you see furs being worn. I went to Furs By Graf yesterday and people were bringing in their fur coats for cold storage. I saw a lady at San Diego Opera wearing a blue fox fur coat. When I went to the San Diego Zoo a few weeks ago, I wore my blue polo shirt with the sheared beaver fur trim and my chinchilla fur headband. I did not receive one word of harassment/one insult. While I was standing in line waiting to buy a ticket (adult admission $22), I saw a blonde lady with her husband and daughter in the line. The lady was attractive but what drew me to her was the fact that she was carrying what looked to be a coyote fur-lined coat. I asked her if it was real fur, and she said yes. There was a lady at the Albertson's supermarket near my home who wore a faux fur coat that was dyed to resemble either lynx, brush-tailed possum, or muskrat. Clearly, people are, and always have, been attracted to fur, real or fake.



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