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Added New Pictures to my Flickr page


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As per popular request I have changed models. What do you guys think of my new models, new coats, and overall shoot?


Here is the link:



If you are interested in purchasing any of the coats they are for sale on my eBay page. I will donate a % to the forum for any sales made from this site:



Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback for my next shoot!

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I'm not sure why popular demand wanted you to replace the blonde model? Now, she didn't appear to enjoy herself during the photo shoot, or at least didn't seem to enjoy the furs...but figured it was first time jitters. Go back and look at the early shoots from Susan (Windy City Furs), Miss Larrisa, and Fur Outlet to name a few; each of those ladies relaxed as they gained experience. That said though, like the new ladies and look forward to more offerings. May even have to bid on a few. Happy Holidays my fur friend!

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