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Posting pics in the Galleries


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With the activity across the site starting to gather some momentum now, a friendly reminder to please be sure when posting pics in the Gallery that you're posting to the right folder e.g. eBay, Candid, Fur Fashion, Men, etc. Anything that contains any sort of nudity or adult theme can be placed in one of the folders in the Adult Fur Images.


When posting any pic into the Gallery, please also do not post any copyrighted material. I hope that reasoning there is an obvious one to everyone and after all the work that everyone has put in, the last thing we'd want is a legal email because of content posted accidentally.


If you're unsure of whether something is adult or not and a Mod isn't available, post into the Adult folder and we'll move it if it's fine to be moved into the Non-Adult area

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Also keep men/crossdressers out of the other XXX galleries they have specific galleries for that. Sorry just don't wanna see your junk.


Photo in question moved.

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