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Could do with a little help here


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Hi Guys


Before anything else - To all our French members here my heart is with you for the terrible, pointless, evil slaughter of the innocent that your country has just endured. Let us hope the whole World joins you to serve justice


Now the reason for my post. .......I came across this local paper article in the UK where a VERY small group of anti fur protestors have been stirring up a bit of trouble in sevenoaks in the UK.




It contains a poll question which up to now is not doing very well from the our point of view. However it looks like you can vote as many times as you like, so I suggest that the poll is being heavily biased by a few activists voting many times.



1. Because fur sales in the UK are picking up dramatically this year.


2. Because whenever someone tries to start a Government petition to ban fur selling in the UK (and it has happened several times in the past) Such petitions barely get 20 supporters out of the WHOLE UK population. (The government HAS to consider a topic for debate if a topic recieves 100, 000 signatures)


3. It would be very easy for a small motivated group reading a small local paper to sway a small poll like this one way or another, especially as it is those with an axe to grind that shout the loudest and are heard more. The status quo tend to not be too bothered and therefore don't vote.


4. Because those who are not animal rights activists and who do vote very often know nothing about the real fur story apart from what animal rights groups have told them, so in their hearts they sincerely (but erroneously) believe they are voting the right way.


So it would be really good if together we could turn this poll around, and show there is a massive support for retailers being able to sell fur in the UK.


I've voted several times, so it would be great if you all could help out a little as well. Together we can do it.


I know it's not really important in the greater scheme of things, but it would be good to stop the bunnyhuggers always getting the loudest shout


Thanks Guys (in anticipation)

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Yeah Marcel. I think you have to close the page and then re load it. I did it several times, but it gets a bit time consuming to keep doing it. Hence request for help.


Thanks Marcel and I'dbelying for voting too


Great banner btw Marcel Love it

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Well, since I posted this 12 hours ago. the 136 votes that were then registered as voting that fur should NOT be banned in retail shops has risen to 402.


But the percentage of this vote to the total has DROPPED from 14% to 12%. Ah well! I guess figure manipulation works on both sides of the argument,


This means that approximately 3000 have voted to ban the sale of fur in UK shops. This is highly suspicious, as I said above when petitions with exactly the same question are put to the Government, one petition got around 20 votes. A later one got 45, one at the beginning of this year got 233. One (calling for a total European ban) got around 941, and the present one submitted has currently collected 14 signatures.


So why a poll conducted in Sevenoaks with a population of 19000 should get 3000 votes in favour in the space of a few says is highly suspect.


Of course, in the same way that we have been voting, an open poll like this allows anyone, anywhere in the world to take part, whereas the UK Government petitions are only open to UK residents.


Also with polls calling for a ban in the UK receiving 233 at the most, how come when the words are changed to include UK and Europe, do the signatures jump to 941 ?.... From the same cachement, (UK residents). You would have thought 941 people who voted for a UK and European ban would also have voted for a UK ban alone. It doesn't make sense.


Says it all really These polls are meaningless, and are totally open to mis-use and bias.


They also never take into account the criteria on which people vote. If you were told that all animal pelts contained cyanide which leeched into your lungs and skin and was killing you, then you too would probably vote against the sale of fur in shops. They don't of course, but for many, being told that animals are skinned alive for their pelts comes pretty close for those that are gullible enough not to question it.


Sorry to go on a bit guys, The politics of fur is a particular interest of mine, especially when there is so much misinformation out there

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I think this voting is rigged. I entered my "no" vote yesterday and when I refreshed the page the number of no votes plumeted and the number of yes votes rose by 1%. It's like the yes column swallowed and stole my vote.

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