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It's been a long while since I logged onto Melody's, but a couple of weeks ago I noticed the forum had moved over here.


I contributed a bunch of stories under the name Fur_Robe1, but not it appears they've all gone missing.


Does anyone know if these were reposted somewhere else? I put a lot of work into those stories and I would like to at least be able to access them so I can save them to a CD.


Can someone help, please!


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You should pm White Fox. He and I recovered and he relocated all the stories we could.


All mine are now at literotica and I have a literotica link in "Links"


I'm not sure where yours were relocated to?



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In our links re stories you will see the French site where the stories went. They are going to open a whole new area in German and one in Eglish. There were a bunch of stories that needed a home and those folks took them for their new English area. It will not be pay. It will be free. Indeed I do remember that your story is one that went there.


They were going to let me know when they were posted and I have not heard yet. However, it may be that they have forgotten. Again, on our links page, you will see the name posted. You could indeed give them a pm to check where things are at with that if you wish.


Hope that answers your question.


By the way, As Off mentioned he helped me out to sort all of those old stories to find out which had a home, etc. We all should give Off a big vote of Thanks.


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