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Returning Colorado member


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It's been years since I was last on. Lost contact, changed email as well as other

things in life that took over! Lurked most of the time in the past. Not sure how much t

that will change this time around!

Live in Longmont, Colorado, about 35 miles north of Denver.

Have several furs, and recently purchased a new one.

This one, while nice, was NOT done right! Was listed at 52" long.

What I eventually recieved, was a full 10" SHORTER than what was listed.


Aside from that, it's nice! And with winter finally making its presence known.......

Snow the other day, and more snow slated, for Monday/Tuesday next week.

Would add photo, but I gotta figutre that out first!

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Good to have you back! I'll get the forum changed to where you can add attachments, or you can feel free to post it in the gallery! You have your own personal gallery that you can setup via your profile.

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