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I know you're probably super busy but I have a problem. Now I understand about the recent switch and I'm sure it has not been easy on you or anyone else... but I originally registered for this site last week (user name dedbutherflys) and somehow during the switch my account fell into a black hole... I made four posts between then & when the site crashed and they all vanished. So I tried to re-register same account name, same email, same password, same me. My account was never activated. I've made repeated attempts to contact someone with the contact us tab, but nobody ever replied. Today I found the "send activation email again" button, and to my surprise upon entering my user name and email I was informed by the website that there is no record of my account... every time I attempted to log in I was informed that my account was still listed as inactive and I was told after attempting to re-register that user name dedbutherflys was already taken, which is bizarre since the send activation email again tab says there is no record of me. So I made this new profile with a different name and surprise, surprise... I got an activation email within five minutes and now I'm here typing up this nagging message for you. I understand how busy you must be with giving this place a face-lift and I appreciate all the work you're putting into this place because it looks fantastic... pardon my french, but what the f--k? I just wanted to be a member here with the user name that I already had registered before the crash... and I can't even get a response out of the contact us button? Yay; I'm a ghost in the system with two user names and I'm making your life more complicated... because I totally wanted it to be like this. (I totally did NOT want to have to register again, but I'm trapped in a corner here) So there. I would really just like to have my old user name back please, but if that's too much trouble, then forget I ever said anything. I'm only putting this here because I feel like I'm screaming into deaf ears at this point.

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Hi blackfox,


Totally understand your predicament and I'll try an answer as much as I can with the limited breadth of knowledge I have:


So as you might be aware, the server the Fur Den had been happily living on crashed last week - totally out of our control. At the very same time, neoJaguar had been working on a refresh to this site which was still in testing phase and based on another server at the time of the crash. At the time of the crash, we were faced with a couple of scenarios: wait around 4 days for the old server operator to get things back up and running or go live with the revised site earlier than planned - but it would still be better than having nothing at all. And therein lies the problem....


Unfortunately there are some parts that aren't working as they should at the moment which came from the new site being released earlier than desired and clearly you've found one of those areas that needs attention. With the site being moved and re-named (as far as the URL goes), my guess is your initial registration was done around about that time and possibly got slipped over. I've done a quick search through the member list and can't see dedbutherflys registered but (unsurprisingly) can see blackfox94 is registered.


My response isn't fantastic but I primarily wanted to ensure you knew you weren't screaming into the wind. What I will do is get on to our 2 Admins, who have far superior knowledge to me on these things, and see if either of them are able to offer a better solution.


Feel free to respond back here if there's anything else not working or you'd like us to look at

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Yes, some posts and probably a few forum registrations were lost. We apologize for that. neoJaguar (our new site owner) was going nuts trying to get the Den forums back available as soon as possible and get other things available like a new better chat facility. Due to a lack of experience as site-admin and the sudden totally unexpected crash, he cut a few corners trying to get the forums up in some form quickly. If you could see some of the emails I received from nJ during that period, you would understand the severe stress he was experiencing at that time. He is totally dedicated to this website and truly wants to make it as useful as possible. Currently he is on a short trip which, I at least, hope gives him a chance to calm down before returning to finish up the odds and ends that still need to be addressed

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Okay thanks. For all I know my email could be malfunctioning severely, but I had to do do something because I wanted to be able to access this forum again and I was getting no-where. I'm glad the Fur Den is good hands... thank all of you for all the hard work put in.

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The email for the contact us pages were changed a few times due to us moving hosts around. The board was backed up, and copied over from the old old host, then to the previous host, now this host. I know it seems confusing, but I assure you we are in the final hosting place.


As far as your emails getting lost - there is a chance that they were lost prior to me being able to finalize the settings to the new webmaster account.


I will go through all of the email links to ensure they are pointing in the right direction tonight.


As far as your username goes - I will look it up, and manually activate it. If I cannot - I will delete it, and you can re-register. If for whatever reason you cannot activate then please contact me directly with this username, so I can assist you personally with fixing it.


As AK said - I am out of town, and the people I am staying with aren't exactly up to speed on my little fur site here. Nor do I want to introduce it to them yet. So working on this is a bit scarce right now. I will be returning home tomorrow where I will be back on here full time.


Sorry about the delays, and problems but rest assured it will be taken care of.

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