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Where are we now?


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After all the downtime, and broken stuff - I finally have us sitting at our new home.


The domain has been transferred, the new hosting has been setup, and all of our features are working as they should be. (I hope)


Now we have the task of re-uploading the gallery, and sorting it out. Over 8gb of photos... The mods, and myself have our work cut out for us.


Where do we go now? Well... My job is never over. I have to check for broken parts of the site, and start working on minor things I may have overlooked.


As I stated before there will eventually be small advertising on the site just to maintain it. I am not a wealthy person, and cannot do it alone. Hoping to get some of the fur retailers, southern charms girls, and other fur related sites on board to make this site grow.


I will be actively working on getting the audio/webcam feature working in chat so stay tuned for that! You already can send files via chat, and via the instant messaging on the lower right hand of your screen.


We are always open to opinions, suggestions, gripes, complaints, criticisms, etc. So please feel free to voice your opinion. I did this for John, and the community. I want it to be a place that people enjoy going to.


Feel free to upload to the gallery. Join us in chat. Add to the discussion in the forums. I appreciate everything everyone contributes, and I look forward to keeping the den alive for many years to come.


Thanks everyone,



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After an upload of 79,858 files that did not make it in the original upload to the current server, the Gallery appears to be working again. If you notice any problems with the Gallery, please report the situation.

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