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kit fox fur/beaver fur/sable fur/sea otter fur/mink fur/rex

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rabbit fur


OK. Let me describe these to you guys. I would LOVE to describe to you guys how each one of the furs I have felt with my own fingers feels like, but that would require an ENORMOUS amount of time.


Kit fox fur has long, coarse, but very beautiful guard hairs that are black and white. The underfur is beige and orangish and is very soft. Beaver fur has long, coarse, shiny reddish-brown or true brown guard hairs. The underfur is usually black, but can be brown or grayish in color and is one of the softest, densest types of underfur. Sable fur has long, very soft guard hairs. The underfur is very dense and soft. The colors range from golden to dark brown. Sea otter fur is black on the surface, and is covered with sparse guard hairs that glisten and are very soft. The underfur is a beautiful, golden brown color. It positively glows. Sea otter fur is the densest mammalian fur on earth, denser than either fur seal (second densest) or chinchilla (densest of any land mammal (a beaver is a semi-aquatic animal and has extremely dense underfur)). Mink fur has spikey, not particularly soft guard hairs, and comes in many colors. The wild mink comes in various shades of brown, with some wild mink being almost black in color. Mink underfur is very soft and very dense. Rex rabbit fur is ultra soft and silky, and there are no guard hairs.


I used to own a sea otter fur pillow that I bought on eBay. Some kids stole the pillow. I put it outside my home the night of April 16, 2006, for natural cold storage (the night air was cold). Some kids snuck into the backyard and stole the pillow.



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