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Fur horror stories/smelly furs

Guest manywonderfulfurs

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Here is mine, which I have shared through private messages with a number of Fur Den members.


Please share yours.



I used to have an Artic fox belly and it shed a lot. It was lost on a freeway. Here's the story. The eBay guy who sold me the belly did not tell me it was air-dried, and not tanned. So the leather is very fragile and smelly. I put it in a bag with baking soda to get rid of the smell (I did not have FeBreeze handy). Yesterday, I took the belly to Furs By Graf, the only furrier remaining in San Diego, so that their workers could sew the belly onto the collar of my favorite navy blue synthetic fiber jacket, which I have had since 8th grade (I am 22). Well, I squished the belly using the driver's side window so that the wind could clean the fur of baking soda while I was driving on the freeway. I adjusted the belly by rolling down the window. You guessed it! The wind blew away my belly! It is now somewhere on I-15 North near the Mesa College exit. This is in San Diego, California.




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