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Seeking Info About Prague


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I may be off to Prague with my girlfiend in a couple of weeks. She'll be working on the Friday so I'll be amusing myself with Saturday & Sunday spent together. Does anyone know what the city is like for fur? Either spotting fur or buying? Is it worth trying to pursuade my girlfriend to take her blue fox jacket or at the very least her hat? Being that we live in the UK, she would never normally wear fur in public (more's the pitty), something that I'd love to see.

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I've been to Prague but only during the warm season and there are a few furriers around. If you were on FFG maybe you remember a guy by the name of Goldenfox2. He is a talented photographer who produced an enormous amount of fur pictures from the streets of Prague . I think this is actually him: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30703721@N02/. If you are on Yahoo/flickr you may be able to contact him and get some in-depth knowledge on the subject.

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