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Fur Meeting U.S.A.


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This weekend I will be driving through a large portion of the eastern United States. My route will take me through New York State, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.


If you have ever dreamed of an encounter with a fellow fur lover, this is your chance. My only stipulation is that you have a fur collection for us both to enjoy, as I will only be able to carry a very small portion of my collection.


If you live in any of the states I mentioned, please get at me with a pm, hopefully we can arrange a fun meeting.

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You may want to look on Fetlife actually.. I know Harley Fox is always asking for encounters (if youre into her type), and there's a few others. Don't know too many on the east coast. I personally live in SC, but my 'collection' isn't exactly great. Good luck with your search!

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