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Bond.... James bond. ..


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So friends,


My wife and I have been invited to a James Bond 40th... as ever I am angeling for an excuse for her to wear fur.


My initial thoughts is as rosamund pikes character (miranda frost) from die another day. Simply because she looks a bit like her and she has a lovely white fox stole that would go perfectly.


(about a minute in)


However, I was wondering if anyone had another solution or reflection on a bond fur Hottie. ..

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Diana Rigg (Long scenes in a red fox coat, and a shorter time in a chinchilla trimmed top 'On Her Majestys Secret Service'.)


Jill St John ('Diamonds Are Forever', Although that was lying in a fur bed, so maybe not fancy dress material)


Sue Vanner (Pre-Credits scene of the 'Spy Who Loved Me')


Sophie Marceau (Fur hat and collar while skiing in 'The World is Not Enough')


Barberra Carrera (the unofficial entry 'Never Say Never Again'.)


Eunice Gayson (Sylvia Trench in 'Dr No', wears a mink wrap in her casino scene.)


Mary Stavin (A coyote trim hood on her ski jacket for her brief appearance in the 'View To A Kill' pre-credits sequence.)


Since you mentioned Die Another Day, during the Iceland 'Icarus' display, most of the attendees wear fur. (Though probably mostly faux. Good quality, but petrochemical by-product non-the-less!)


As a little bit of bonus information, in the behind the scenes documentary on the DVD of 'View To A Kill', Tanya Roberts can briefly be seen in a perfect 80's silver fox power fur.

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Happy to help. I thought I'd give you all the details I recall from the Bond films, giving you plenty of different options from the series' 40+ years.


Diana Rigg -


Sylvia Trench (2 Mins in) -


Sue Vanner -


Mary Stavin (5:15 in) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRc2xXwmmEM


Sophie Marceau -


Jill St John (Two quick stills at 1:10) -


Die Another Day -

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Years & years ago I had a book about the making of the Bondages (can't recall the title). In it was a photo of Fiona Fullerton, Sir Rog & Tanya taken at the event to open the new soundstage at Pinewood. Roger was wearing a Shearling jacket (or something like one), Fiona was wearing her Black Mink Coat that I later read had been given to her by a furrier( ) and Tanya was in the Silver Fox.

Naturally, I had cut out that picture as soon as I checked there wasn't anything vital on the back (got rid of Roger, he was getting in the way of my ménage a trois!) and added it to my scrapbook. I uploaded a copy to the Celebs in Fur album of the Galley.


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OMG I can’t believe no one mentioned the two best Bond fur scenes:

1) “For Your Eyes Only” when Bond is in Innsbruck at the Skating rink!


2) the Opening scene of “The Spy Who Loved me”


Opps sorry went and reread the opening response and saw that “The Spy…” was mentioned but I did find a better vid version then the one posted just in case anyone is interested

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Thank you!

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Fatima Blush!


... Fatimas wonderful nails!

... carefully Fatima makes the last preparations for cremating the body of poor Jack

... in only a few seconds it's time for him to "take off"!




... bye, bye Jack!



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