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Dysfunctional sponsor links


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The two sponsor links on the index page are not working.


Speaking of sponsors, as the Den is in dire need of funding is there any chance of attracting other advertising sponsors like for instance 'arctic-store.com' and 'furhatworld.com'? I know that running a site like TheFurDen puts a heavy time load on everyone involved even without chasing sponsor money so this is merely a suggestion.


Another suggestion: Start a count-down thread with posts stating how much funding remains to be raised before the goal is met to keep the Den running. This could raise the temperature a bit and help boost awareness of the situation.

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The first banner does not link directly to theloveoffur.com, but to a site that MrMockle uses to handle signups and affiliate payments from those signups. Apparently I did not copy the rather obscure codes they use correctly.


The second banner link to mailonfurs.com has been repaired - I had not coded the link correctly when I wrote the extension that puts the ads on the index page.

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That was prompt action. Thank you!


If I missed it before or you just added it, I just saw the "Donations Progress Bar" on the bottom of the index page. Very nice.

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