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If you see our site in blue now...

White Fox

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Some of our older members here might not see our site in the correct colours now. If you are seeing it in blue and white here, please change the style.


In case you don't know how to do that.


Click on your site name on top right.

Choose "User Control Panel"

Board Preferences

Look for "My Board Style" on that page

Change that to "Fur Den 3".

Click to submit on bottom of the page.


Once you go back to the index page again you should see our new site in the proper "Shades of Brown" style.



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What White Fox is referring to is the difference in background colors between the 2 styles available Prosilver and furden3. Furden3 is the preferred and default style as it has more brown colors which some think look better for a fur site. The site name should appear in the title banner, but there was an over-site with the upgrade that for the Prosilver style the logo did not get replaced as it should have. That will be fixed shortly.

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I really like the blue theme. It looks more welcoming.
You don't HAVE to change.. I personally use the blue theme. Just something I'm used to.

The Prosilver style ships with phpBB and can be more complete after an upgrade. Furden3 is a style we created based on prosilver to use colors that are a bit more "furry". We allow members to select, in their User Control Panel under Board Preferences whichever style they prefer. If you notice something not right, such as sensualbill's report of the site banner not displaying in the prosilver style, please report it. I try to check that major functions are working correctly after an update, but frequently do not check all the details.

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