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Several changes with forum software upgrade...


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The new forum software has brought several changes:

  • The Logout & User Control Panel links are now in a drop-down menu accessed by clicking on your username at the upper right of the page header.
  • Several other board function links including Search are in the Quick Links drop-down menu.
  • The Sponsorship link has been replaced by a Donate link in the page header. Also at the bottom of the index page is displayed a progress bar on our current donation campaign.
  • The Chat link to PhpFreeChat has been replaced with a Mini-Chat link in the page header. mChat is an extension for an integrated chat that we are trying. mChat is labelled EXPERIMENTAL and is still in development. It appears stable, but your comments regarding any bugs will be appreciated. If necessary, we can revert to the PhpFreeChat facility in about 10 minutes. Unfortunately the "Who is Chatting" list only appears on the chat page. Mini-Chat could be on the board index page instead of its' own custom page, but I think the index page is cluttered enough. If you feel otherwise please let me know.
  • There are several changes to the User Control Panel to allow you to customize your experience with this board. Please take some time to go through the various sections of the UCP as some of the defaults may not be what you want.
  • The board announcement block on the index page can be dismissed by clicking on the X that will appear in the upper right of that block when your cursor moves over that block. If you dismiss the announcement block, you will NOT be able to see it again until we modify the announcement text.

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