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Oldie but a goodie

Mr Barguzin

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Lady on couch


this image has been around on the net for ages, at least 15 years, but I sorta remember saving to one of my deceased puters a larger version of it. CAn anyone provide me with either a link or put the image in the Gallery so I can save and print it out (or at least put it onto three other HDs/sticks so I never lose it agin.


And yes, it is also available in the gallery here, but not the larger size.


Edit: Sorry bout that folks. This time the link worked and also remembered that the last time I saw the image I was using an 800 x 640 CRT monitor. Since now have approx 1900 x1200 desktop, what was humongous is now... well, small.

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Well, the part where you say "last time I saw it was in a crt monitor in 800x600", it answered many questions :v


I know your struggle, but there's not much left to do ://

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As I don't get back to my computer as much as I used to; zb beat me to getting the file up (I did finally find it on one of the hard drive partitions...). Good job zb!

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this lady is actually a model for a furrier. she was on there page for years. that particular picture was from their spreads and rugs section. she also modeled for one of the manufactures, her advertising was offered to me in the late 80's. i will see if anyone in the fur community remembers her name or has any of the ads left.

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The picture looks, at least partially, Shopped. I'm pretty sure the background is.

The fur on the sofa and on the floor might have been replicated with PhotoShop.


I bet I could render a reasonable facsimile of that picture. It would take time but it's doable.

The model, I have hands down. I can generate human models of almost any form.

The furniture can be modeled from scratch. The carving and wood texture is fairly straightforward. Time is the factor. Jewelry and accessories are also just a matter of time.


The two main factors in the degree of difficulty would be creating the model's hairdo and recreating the fur.

Fur and hair are done with particle systems. They eat up computer power like crazy!


The basic modeling could be done in a few days. Touch-ups would take time, depending on the level of detail and realism we wanted. Duplicating the lighting of the original scene would have its challenges.


When it's all done and ready to render the final image, it would take several hours for the computer to crunch data. It could take anywhere from two or three hours to the better part of a day. I have seen renders take a day or more if the resolution is set high.


If there is interest, this could be a good group project... assuming that there are other people who can use Blender, the software I use. (http://www.blender.org/features/)


The images that I render take anywhere from a few days to a couple-few weeks, depending on complexity. A group project would depend on the number of people and how organized we are.


I'm game if anybody else is.

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