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Aeolus or Aluminoid

White Fox

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(Below you will see how many are using Aeolus and Aluminoid)

Did you look at the title of this message and say "What the heck is this?" If you did, you have totally missed the very best part of this site! And... it is so darned easy to see it.


If you don't know what these names mean, go to the top section of FAQ and look for a section called "Styles". Just follow the directions and you will find it extremely easy. You will be amazed that you missed it!


For those of you who have tried. You might be interested to know the following. It is a list of how many members use what.


Aeolus 29

Aluminoid 24

Sub Silver 35

Esbardu 227


Since Esbardu is the default, it points out how many folk just will not listen to us how important it is to read this and try it. I find that totally amazing that they are missing so much and yet they won't take the two minutes it takes to see how to change styles.

Folks if you try this you will be amazed!


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To walk down that oft trod path... you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.


Have tried all of them at vrious times when testing site and since then as well, but always return to Aluminoid... something about the potential to make it a bit fur-like appeals... Plus it goes with XP's silver style *grin*


So, how do you make the change?


go to Your profile and scroll down to just before the Avatar control Panel and you'll see a drop-down menu with probably "Esbarbu" in it at the moment. Click on the arrow, select another style, scroll to bottom of page and click submit.... then click on reloaded page at return to forum/index.. and have some fun.


To change or return to previous selection, repeat process.


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Errrrrr....no accounting for taste.

I like this format the best....the others look too corporate, clinical etc.


This is bright and friendly, and easy to read....

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Im using sub silver cos its what I use on many other boards and just works best for me. But I do agree the Aeolus and Aluminoid are really good to try out on the board (if you havent).

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i'm using sub silver, i think they all look good so it is just a small change for me. the one thing i would love to see is a "next topic" button at the bottom right hand corner. i don't enjoy scrolling all the way back up to the top to get to the next topic. any hope for this button in the future?

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Could you give AKcoyote a quick pm with that suggestion? If I do it sometimes things get lost in the translation and the wrong message gets through.

That is AK's area. Probably before we do something like that we will work on pictures and bring posts back and such. However, AK will know if indeed it is at all possible and how difficult it would be to do and so on.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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