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Moving (help please)


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So just recently I found out that I had to move back to arizona... I got all packed up and then I was told that it's now completely optional. Should I stay in Detroit, or move to arizona? I was looking forward to fur in Detroits cold winter, and there's nothing really for me in arizona. What do you all think I should do?

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If you're living status has no difference between Arizona and Detroit, then why move to a new place?


Just making sure, I am not saying that Arizona is bad or anything worse compared to Detroit.


If there is no significant difference, I just don't think you need to move which will cost you more time and money.


And of course, the colder winter would be great to wear furs as well.


Since I live in northern Utah, I have no problem with the winter thanks to the relatively high altitude.


But Arizona would not be my ideal place since I love cold and long winter.


But that's totally up to you.


Let us know in the future what you decide.

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It really depends on where in Arizona. Phoenix is definitely hot during the summer but it is a desert and does get cold during the "winter" months. I live about 2 hours north at a higher elevation and it's already starting to turn to fur weather. I'd say do it. It's pretty nice here.

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Furlover009 is right. I live Carefree az north of Scottsdale about 30 minutes and I wear my furs a lot during the winter here. Plus flagstaff, prescott, Payton etc etc are great short furry weekends.

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