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Blonde actress in two Furs on UK TV


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Pity about the video quality as the uploader seems to have recorded it onto their smartphone...

Goto 27m:50s>https://youtu.be/L3RR3XHVsjM

I can remember getting tremendously excited by this clip; for over 12 years The Two Rons were a Saturday Night Televisual Light Entertainment Institution offering songs, sketches (some classics as well) and either comic serials or one-off films such as Village of the Smiths, yet this was the first time any Fur Coats appeared on the show to my knowledge.

Funnily enough, the actress in the Red Fox (Debbie Arnold) would wear another (possibly Faux) Fur in Virtual Murder six years later; Goto 11m:30s>https://youtu.be/kPhhuCFQmmQ.

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