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White Fox

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Folks you may have noticed that we have already received some donations toward the Den. These mean so much to us as we only have limited time now to pay our bills here. These donations already now put us a fifth of the way toward our goal this fall! We have so far to go yet, but it is so gratifying to know we are coming along.


FurlessinCA, Wolfinskin, Sirius, Paddy, & Fuzzfan (Melody) have all recently donated and we thank them greatly for their help.


Please remember that we need your help! We can all work to save the Den.


All of these people deserve real tributes for their help here! If you can help us please click on the sponsorship link above. We guarantee that no emails will come to you and nothing will be done to threaten your privacy! No information about you is forwarded to anyone else.


White Fox

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