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Someone found my fur folder :(


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So I was in the shower and a friend of mine came over, they got onto my laptop and they went through my entire fur folder. Naked men, women, just plain coats, everything. I'm not sure how i'd explain this away, but I caught them just browsing through it. I'm asking like-minded people here what they'd do if this happened to them. I'm a 22 year old guy, it's not exactly normal to have a huge folder full of this stuff. I've kept it a secret for years, nobody else knows about my little pleasure but me.


Thanks in advanced.

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Two thoughts come to mind. 1,this will soon be forgotten and 2, this person is not your friend. I think we tend to treat our fur obsession as a shameful, dirty little secret of which it is certainly not! Don't loose any sleep over it. Maybe hide your folder and mislabel it to avoid a similar event.

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Hey furr,


EVERYONE has a secret stash with personal and potentially embarrassing stuff. Some may share it with a few chosen but nevertheless quite private. If you were to probe your friend I'm convinced there's some secret desires hidden under the surface. It's just that your friend discovered yours and and not the other way around. There's really no such thing as "normal" and I would strike the word out of the dictionary if I could. It's only a perception that people don't have personal inclinations just because we don't want or need to talk about it with everyone.






For the future, as people are saying: If you don't feel like bringing your laptop with you into the shower, you could get a program like TrueCrypt to hide private sections from prying eyes. Works like a charm.




By "normal" you could of course mean "average" but who wants to be that?


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this person is not your friend.


Well, he is truly not your friend if can't keep the secret. But if he can, so what? That might even deepen the friendship.


Imagine you discover a, let's say, ballon fetish of some friend. What would you do?

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Want to hear from a person who discovered the fur fetish even before discovering about what fetish and even sexuality means?


Relax. Most of them will be only surprised about you having fetish for an object, but all in all, nothing changes. Relax.

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I agree with the above. Everybody's got a spank bank.

I'd be interested to find out what's in HIS spank bank!


Yes, people who pry are rude. Whether he's a true friend or not depends on his attitude. Like others say, if he tells other people, no. If he treats it as personal information, as I believe he should, then I'd say, "No harm, no foul." (That still doesn't excuse the rudeness.)


Then, again, who knows? Maybe he found the fur sexy too.


I also agree that all you have to say is, "I dig fur."


However, I'd say that the best solution to preventing problems like this, in the future, is to set your screensaver to lock the computer after, say, fifteen minutes of non-use. You would have to type the password to use the computer again, or else log out and log in with another username and password. (Or the owner's UN/PW.)


My computer, at home, is set to automatically log in but NOT to the admin's account. It is set to log in as my "normal" account which has almost the same privilege set as the admin but doesn't have root permissions and stuff like that. The reason for this is because I often run programs that have to run overnight or for some undetermined time. Should the computer shut down from a power failure, etc., the program(s) that are open will automatically resume when the power comes on again.


However, if I'm leaving the house for more than a day, I do log out of the computer and shut it down. That way, should somebody get their grubby mitts on my computer, they'll have to hack the password to get in.


Which, by the way, I wouldn't say the password(s) "can't be hacked" but are certainly ones that can't be guessed by anybody... I don't use words. I use letters and numbers that look like gibberish to you but have meaning to me.

For instance, I might use "TimpwNUcNgii1Ky." It might look like nonsense to you but, to me, it means, "This is my password and you could never guess it in 1000 years."


Long enough to be unhackable by bruit force.

Immune to dictionary attacks and more resistant (but not immune) to rainbow hacks.

And, as I said, nobody would guess that password in 1,000 years.


You could use a password like "ko0msysj" which would mean "Keep Out Of My Stuff You Stupid Jerk."


Of course, I shouldn't think I need to remind people that they should use separate passwords for different e-mail and web accounts or, at least, use different ones for the "important" stuff.


I don't think you need to encrypt your entire hard drive but it is possible to make an encrypted disk image of a folder's contents and password protect that.


The last suggestion I have would be to put your "sensitive" files on a removable volume like a thumb drive or a USB portable drive and encrypt that. Not only would that keep people from seeing your files, they wouldn't even be on the computer, at all, and nobody would even know that they exist unless they got their grubby mitts on the drive, itself. Keep that drive hidden or under lock and key.


You can pick up a USB 3.0 external, 1TB drive for, like $60.00 at Best Buy.

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All good advice, but the issue here is not how to protect it, but how to deal with the love of fur reaching the open.


My advice is to be quite nonchalant about it, if you make too big a deal, it can be made an issue.

Having a *Shrug* 'It's my thing!' attitude, and not blowing it up may be the easiest way to stop it being seen as a huge scandal.

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I agree with everyone's comments of "I like fur." Then move on. But Worker hit on something that was missing. Your friend is RUDE. Perhaps it's a generational thing, but I would no sooner mess around (or play with) someone else's computer while he or she has left the room to take a shower than I would jump of the Golden Gate bridge. Polite people just don't go messing with other people's belongings without asking first PERIOD! There are no "ifs ands or buts" on this one.


If your "friend" repeats to others what he saw, then you know for sure how much of a "friend" he is. Drop him like a bad habit.


My $0.02.

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The password and security talk is mostly just Monday Morning Quarterbacking.


As far as people using my computers and other stuff, I really don't mind as long as people ask but if people just barge in and mess with things, I'll come right out and say, "Get your paws off my stuff!"


At home, when I'm alone, I leave my computer logged in most of the time when I am in the house. If somebody comes over, I'll CMD-SHIFT-Q and log them in as a guest if they want to use my computer. Guest account is always active. All they need to do is ask. Most of the time that simply means saying something like, "I want to check my e-mail. Okay?" I'd be like, "Knock yourself out."


I have even, on occasion, just handed my iPad to people when they need to use it. The technology or physical property isn't the issue with me. I'm always happy to help or even loan things to people who need it.


It boils down to respect. People who don't give others respect usually don't get the time of day from me.

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I concure with everyone,


My private stash was also found when my IT goeroe was fixing my pc

But he diden't make a big fuss about it, so I diden't ether.

He told me he's seen some very weird things (told me several things he's seen and take it form me, they are weird) , and found my passion very harmless.

Even suggested to create an virtual machine trough vmplayer, and even help to set it up (and even secure it )

Works very nice, and you don't need to clean you brower all the time.

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