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Well, hey you guys


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I was invited here by sensualbill and you guys have a nice site here. I used to b a regular Fur fashion visitor but since they went down I've been looking for a fur site to go to. I hope I can contribute some stuff so that other fur lovers can enjoy the site more. I wasn't always a fur lover till when I was in Winnipeg a year or so ago doing some odd jobs I was installing some flooring for this lady and when I was done she gave me something extra on top of my payment-and she did it wearing her big fur hat! Well, after that I told her if she needed anything else done to call me. After that she did call me for many things (always in the middle of the day when her hubby was at work) . She always had some kind of fur on when we did it and she always made me take pics and vids of her. I think she got off with watching herself having sex plus she gave me some stuff for my own pleasure. She told me she did not mind me showing this to other people ( I think she gets off on that too!) . Sadly, I had to leave for I was on my way to Alberta to live but we still keep in touch with each other and she sends me stuff from time to time. Well I've taken up enough space here and I hope to connect with other fur lovers here.

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Welcome Phil! You were living the dream of many fur lovers here. For most of us, what you experienced is nothing more than a fantasy for the rest of us.

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