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Getting images printed in the UK


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Has anyone used a digital printing service in the UK? I am wondering what would happen if I was to upload a fur fashion image and request a poster size print.


Anyone tried this?



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I am not from UK, but I don't see why it would be a problem as long as it is a fashion photograph. Such a blowup would be no different from a politician for instance. Generally politics is NO problem at all in these places as that is how they make their money. BUT, it MIGHT be a problem in some places if it was R rated and certainly probably WOULD be if it was X rated or close.

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Thanks for your reply.


I was thinking of the fashion stuff maybe. Definitely not x rated.


As I understand it even doing a print to decorate your own wall is probably copyright theft. But seeing as we've all got then on our machines already.... I was thinking that maybe it is something professional printers turn a blind eye to ... as long as it's strictly for private use, not for resale, offensive etc.


So has anyone in the UK gone down this route? I saw Mr Mockle has some poster size prints in the background on some of his photo shoots.

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If you're worried about copyright you could try contacting the original photographer for permission.


I think most printers wouldn't know whether the image was yours or not. The liability would not be with them though it would be with you.


Also for poster sized images you would want an original full resolution (talking 4000-8000 pixels range) and not some web resolution shot to blow up. There aren't too many full resolution shots out there on the web of fur, so unless you are a photographer yourself I'd be curious to know what you have in mind.

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Hello Nexii


Yes I suppose I could just chance it. My jpegs are all jumbled up so choosing is complicated. Would probably go for something A4 to A3 sized. Tricky to choose something appropriate and gratifying for permanent display. When I get some time I'll put a folder together for comment.


That is the most wonderful coat you have. Totally uncompromising.

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