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sea mink, extinct furbearer

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That is a tragedy but rare that furbearers become extinct through the fur trade. Usually common sense dictates that encouraging them would have given them a yield forever.

The Falkland fox/wolf was NOT killed for it fur but to protect sheep. it is the ONLY canid to have disappeared and I wouldnt mind betting that it is an error to see it as having been hunted to extinction. As a seprate and isolated species, my money would be(and I will take 1/10) on distemper or something similar. Soldiers during the falklands campaign reported to see/hear wolves on the islands...so maybe they have become elusive and not extinct...but we are in the realms of crypto zoology there again.


What worries me is Asian countries not seeing animals as infinitely renewable if protected, and welfare leading to higher quality. I will again appeal for boycott of Chinese furs that are clearly not up to standard or use endangered species.

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