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Told a friend

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I had quite a big moment last night - completely unplanned, I told one of my best mates about how the wife and I do a lot of femdom things in our marriage and about my fur fetish!! I have only ever told my wife, and it felt amazing to open up to someone else about it! The alcohol certainly helped, but we were talking about fantasies, and he asked me and I just thought, sod it, I'll just be honest.


He wasn't that shocked by it, he thought the femdom side of things was pretty cool and I think a bit jealous his wife wouldn't do those kind of things, and he just said everyone has their own kicks, leather, latex etc, he just saw fur as another thing like that. So now he knows. I can't tell you how much of a release it was!


Has anyone else experienced anything similar - telling someone that isn't your partner? Would be interested in hearing how it came about and how it went.

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I have also told my two best friends about my fur fetish. I would only tell it really close friends, never acquaintances.

Although they would never wear fur themselves they totally understood and accepted my fetish, that was a big surprise for me. Maybe that is what friendship is about, to like and accept a person the way he/she is indeepending from your own attitude or preferences.

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I have told my best friend that I use fur mittens. He gets it. He knows my wife! HA! Not sure he equates that with fetish though. Not important.

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