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Hello from London

Fur Fan Man

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Thought I should introduce myself as another previous FFG member for 10 years. So glad to find another home.


I'm a 28 year old, married, submissive male from London. My wife knows about my fur fetish and we have a rabbit jacket, fox cape and a few little extras. We live an on and off femdom marriage where she'll tease and deny me, so that I am helplessly around her finger and do most of the house work. I love the thrill of it! Fur obviously heightens my submissive nature which my wife knows and abuses. One of my biggest thrills is my wife stroking me with fur whilst she has me logged into Internet banking on the iPad and gets me to keep increasing the amount before transferring her money - knowing I can't say no to her whilst in fur. It's such a rush. Fur isn't regularly used in the bedroom but is a real treat every now and again.


The rabbit jacket stays at home but she wears her fox Cape and collars out. We're now thinking about our next purchase to wear out this winter but not sure what yet.


Hope that wasn't too much of a ramble. Look forward to familiarising myself with this forum and everybody here.

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