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Ever since last week, with the media outrage at the U.S. Dentist, Walter Palmer, showed photos of him over the body of the lion. (I'll always be a fur supporter, but bragging about killing an endangered animal was always going to receive massive international hate!)

Some friends I have in my facebook friends list have started flooding the newsfeeds with PeTA and animal rights propaganda.

I'd never speak out against it due to knowing the kind of backlash I would get from my 'Militant Vegan' friends. What is getting me annoyed, is how they feel it is ok all of a sudden to flood facebook with their beliefs and propaganda that could easily be unraveled if they would see outside their blinkered, idealistic view of the world!


I wish facebook would return to vines of people accidentally getting hurt, and DeMotivational pictures of childhood cartoon paused just at the right (Or wrong) moment!


Does anyone agree with me? Has anyone else had their facebook or twitter feed light up with friends who are animal lovers who believe and spread the lies of animal rights groups who all of a sudden see the way clear to fill the world with their moral high ground built on the back of hypocrisy?

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Dont give up,Bill!

We are here to change minds.


All my FB friends are well educated by yours truly.


Tell them that this is not any news and it happens every day without their knowledge.

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There are many pictures of me in my fur jacket on my facebook page. Many of my older friends did not know that I had such a jacket. I'm sure they think I'm odd. Oh well. It doesn't matter what they think. But plenty of my friends, many of whom are former students, (that's how I keep up with them, knowing where they go to grad school and so forth...missing a wedding in a couple of weeks ) LOVE my jacket and want to make sure I still have it as they recall the first time I walked into class wearing it. It always makes some students gasp the first time. Can you imagine if I came in wearing a blue fox like WF and others were talking about in another thread?

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