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White Fox

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Folks, please do NOT post into this thread about anything but the EXACT subject.


I am wondering if you would like an actual separate forum to talk about a fur convention.


If you would like a separate forum to discuss this subject please let me know with your thoughts here.




White Fox

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I'm confused (again)


Is the other thread only for US members?

The original idea of the other thread was about a meet-up of members to be held somewhere in the US. If you would like to organize a northern Europe meeting, start another thread on that subject.
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Most i organize?

Can't we just make a poll on a date?


1st race day: Sunday, February 7th, 2016

2nd race day: Sunday, February 14th, 2016

3rd race day: Sunday, February 21st, 2016


ticket sales for the races start in september.



are we going as VIP?


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Don't have to be that difficult.

You stay on what ever hotel and as long as you like.

We meet up at the area bar at 12:00 noon local time and the first round of Champagne is on me (not more than 20 members that is).


I would make hats for us that say "Fur Fan" and send to all, if i have the time or we just have a red rose on our right collar.

Where do i get a flower in winter time?

Buy a plastic one.


Is it doable?

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Marcel, great idea. What about a rose made of fur?







I would be interested in a casual, discrete affair, instead of a large convention.


Another good time for a meetup would be during the fall-winter New York Fashion Week, which is February 11-18 2016 at Lincoln Center. We could dress outrageously and have meetups in places like Central Park, the High Line, or the roof of the Empire Hotel.

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  • 8 years later...

Hallo beste fur-vrienden,

Dit jaar (2024) willen we het ‘FurEvent NL’ organiseren in oost-Nederland.

We willen graag inventariseren wie hier belangstelling voor heeft en mogelijk wenst te komen.


Hello dear fur-friends,

This year (2024) we like to organizeFurEvent NL’ at the eastern part of The Netherlands.

We want to know who like to come.

For more information: http://fureventnl.wordpress.com

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