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So refreshing


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Ive always said Drop Pam Anderson on the north pole naked and watch how fast she runs for the furs on a table near by.


That is a uplifting pic by the way!

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I don't understand why the "I'd Rather Go Naked..." campaign didn't backfire in PETA's face.


C'Mon! Doesn't that play right into every teenage boy's fantasy?


"Do you mean to tell me, if I buy fur, Pamela Anderson will get NAKED?!"


I'd be running out to buy as much fur as I possibly can just for the possibility that I might get to see some hot chick get naked!


Wait a minute! I AM trying to do that!


P.S.: It is a rather obvious Photoshop job, however.

Look at it closely. Blow it up a little.

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nowadays just google pam anderson and youll find billions of her nude pics or her Home movie. she gets naked for anyhting these days.

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She got famous by being naked. She was a Playboy bunny.


She looked a LOT better back then! Now, she looks like a plastic harlot!

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