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Lara flynn Boyle in fox fur

Guest touchofsable

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Sorry guys....she's in the smoking bar.....

but here is a taster:

www.celebrity-bookmark.com/preview/lara ... _28023.jpg


But you dont want to fe around her fox all smelling of smoke will ya?


Lara is a pretty feisty Irish Chicago girl who is a bit of a rebel and stands up for smokers rights....she chain smokes Marloro. She has even come up with a trick of how to get away ewith smoking on planes. Now you lot may not approve of that, but personally I am glad that someone with fight like that is a fur chick too.

She has shot to number 4 in the PETA worst dressed list!!!! (which we all know means best dressed!)


Very nice fox fur she is wearing in the off topic smoking bar I can tell you!!!!


Hurrah for Lara Flynn Boyle!!!

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Very nice pic. #4 on the peta list? She needs to try harder - c'mon Lara, you can be #1! You go girl!




...whether she smokes or not isn't any of my business. Let's just say I won't lend her any of my furs!

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I guess she will be coming home with me or worker or allfurme or blackfox then. We are happy to lend her ours!


I think maybe we should all write to PETA and complain that she isnt number 1


Big decision. Kate Beckinsale aint on the list at all I dont think; not Dita von Teese. What an insult.

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All my furs smell beautiful; i spray the linings with scent to keep off the moths. It is a trick a tranny told me about.


Anyway, what is wrong with me wearing her furs (apart from the fact that they will probably not fit.)

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