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Huge work by Furore-mex

White Fox

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Folks so often we do not recognize those who are responsible for this place due to lack of time, etc.


And no, WE administrators and staff are not responsible. It is each of you who are the contributing members who are responsible for making this place what it is today.


On a very quick cruise through our Gallery, I noticed today that our member Furore-mex has posted probably close to 900 photographs in a row in our fashion Gallery. This, folks, takes time and dedication to our site. He posted them in our Gallery where they will be available for all to see, hopefully for a very, very long time! And asked for no fanfare telling us what he had done, etc.


I just want to thank him for this dedication. This type of dedication means so much to our site.


But so often we do not recognize other members here. Members who have posted similar numbers of photographs have been missed. Members who have made endless fantastic posts in our forums. All of you need to be very highly congratulated for making this site what it is today. So often my name or names of administrators get mentioned. But, is each of you folks out there who really make this place what it is today! And we owe all of you a huge vote of thanks along with Furore-mex!


White Fox

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