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Fur on pillows


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How many of my friends here would say fur makes for

a better nights sleep with fur on pillows.. ??

i havent slept with fur on mine in a long time and i feel like ive slept better last night that previous nights....

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Depends on the fur and temperature


I am snuggled in silver fox on the bedspread most nights but don't lie on the pillow as they are:


a - too hot after a while

b - the hairs prickle overnight and lighten sleep.


but when awake, ohh its magnificant.



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Personally, I'd like to get a pillow case made for my pillow. Then it could be removed and cleaned periodically. I echo auzmink's comment in that they would be warm. I have a sable pelt that I put over my eyes and occasionally around my neck (it makes me feel secure). But with the temps where I live hitting 100 F during the day and dropping to the low 70's at night, even the sable around my neck is too warm. But over my eyes is still comforting.


I would guess a thick fur like blue fox would be much warmer than something with a shorter nap.


My $0.02.

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