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Russian sable fur pelts

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Some months ago, an eBay seller in Italy listed four newly tanned Russian sable pelts for sale. The listing was a Buy-It-Now listing that was up for several months. He kept reducing the price. The final sale price was in euros, but it was equivalent to $300 American dollars. The dollar kept getting stronger and stronger, so the price in American dollars kept falling. These four pelts were quite nice. One was golden in color. The other three were shades of brown. I wanted to buy the pelts, but had serious reservations about US customs. I emailed the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Here is what one of their agents told me in a reply email. I would have to fill out a wildlife import form and have the pelts sent to the nearest US Fish and Wildlife office. I live in San Diego, just west of La Mesa and several minutes south of San Diego State University. The nearest US Fish and Wildlife Service office is in Torrance, California. That is in the Los Angeles area. I would need to drive to Torrance to pick up the pelts. Needless to say, I did not buy the pelts. A few months ago, someone bought the four sable pelts. I tried to check the buyer's country of origin but eBay has made it much more difficult to find a member's country of origin in recent years.

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