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Hello Fur lovers,


Next week my gf and I will go to the famous dance festival Tomorrowland. It is the first we go there and I saw pictures of people wearing the craziest outfits so I would like to see my gf wearing nothing but furboots, a bikini and a sleeveless fox furjacket. She loves the idea very much, she definitely wants to do this but she's a little bit afraid of the heat. Does anyone have experience with wearing furcoats or jackets in hot weather?

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No clue and a sleeveless jacket? Isnt' that just a gilet (vest)? I'm pretty sure she will be fine but definitely hydrate the both of you if you plan on drinking/drugs.

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I'd be afraid of it getting wet or damaged somehow. You are going to be in a crowd of about 100,000 people.



Let us know how it goes. I'm going to Tomorrowworld in the U.S. in September and would like a bit of a preview.

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