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Are furs powerful?


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Powerful in what respect?


Magick? I don't believe in Magick, so I can't comment on that aspect.


Spiritual? I believe in Transcendentalism. In that respect, yes. Furs do have a powerful contemplative value. Those animals gave their fur for your comfort and enjoyment. You can't get any more powerful than that.


Psychological? No doubt! But this is one of those times where, if you don't understand I can't explain it to you and, if you do understand, I don't NEED to explain it.


Sexual? Yes. Fur is the most powerful clothing-removal tool I have ever seen! Lift up your lover's shirt and rub some fur on his/her stomach, very slowly and gently. Say to your lover, "The more clothing you have on, the fewer places I have to rub this on you..." I guarantee it will look like the clothes are FLYING off your lover's body! The first time I saw this happen I was actually FREIGHTENED for a moment!

But, if you didn't believe in the sexual power of fur I don't think you'd even be here, let alone asking this question. (Which is a good one, by the way! )


Social power? Fur is expensive. It is, essentially, a status symbol. To wear fur in public shows that you have the means to wear it. Those with greater financial power often wield greater social power as well. The inverse is also true. Those with greater social power often gain financial power. So, wearing fur can help you gain advantage over those who don't.


Financial power? That sort of goes into the Social question above. The ability to have something that is hard to get shows that you have greater wealth than others. If you are in the fur business, it shows that you have the financial power to even be in the business in the first place. And, as I said, financial power often equates to social power.


So, except for Magickal power, what other kind of power is there?

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You have the spirit of the animal with you for ever. call that magic; I call it

Animism. By vauing the fur, it gives you power. the circle of life is unbroken. the fur conserves your energy, so the energies bind and the animal lives with you.

The same as when the big cat eats the zebra, the latter flesh becomes the formers.


So great power, spiritually.


And otherwise, that was exceptionally well put worker and I agree wholeheartedly.

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You have the spirit of the animal with you for ever.


Quite the Transcendentalist point of view, if I say so.


The animal(s) gave up their skins for you. By wearing their skins you carry their "link" to the answer of the question, "What is my place in the Universe?", with you wherever you go.


Contemplating this question while wearing fur gives you a view of Creation, as if you are looking at it in a mirror. John Greenleaf Whittier and the other Transcendentialists of his time would have referred to this as the "Oversoul". You may refer to the Oversoul as "God" or the "Great Spirit" or whatever you are comfortable with.


But, the fact is, in a spiritual sense, fur DOES give you power. It gives you power to see the Universe and understand your place within it.


Now, I'm sorry to say it but I don't belive in Magick.

(I am a magician. I believe in "magic"... without the "K"... as a form of entertainment and as a physical skill. But I don't believe in "Magick"... with the "K"... as in the Pagan, Wiccan or Witchcraft beliefs that one can use fur to benefit onerself or others through the casting of spells or the saying of incantations.)

I don't belive wearing fur gives you any special powers to affect the world around you in any special way that's not covered above. It would be very selfish to believe that you can take an animal's fur and use its spirit to do your bidding.


You might be able to use fur to increase your social standing and, thereby, gain power over other people who do not have fur to wear. You might be able to use the sexual allure of fur to control people in a way that, ordinarily, you wouldn't. But, just by the simple fact that you wear fur, it doesn't give you power outside of the power to understand your own insights.


Animism is another subject that I can only talk about intellectually. I was not brought up in an Animistic culture. I dont' see the world in those terms. Only those who were brought up to believe that can truly understand it.


I CAN use Animistic symbolism in combination with my Transcendentalist beliefs. I can contemplate the owl that sits in the tree, outside my window, as a link to the Oversoul and how that relates to my problems but I can not believe that the owl's soul is possessed by the spirit of my dead relative, bringing me a message from beyond. I'm just not wired that way because I didn't grow up that way.


Animistic belief and Trasnscendental contemplation are, I believe, are two closely related concepts but there's a fuzzy boundary between the two that can't be crossed unless you live the life. A White man, growing up in suburban Pennsylvania can't understand the Inuit belief of Animism any more than an Inuit can understand the Chinese I Ching.

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We still have the tradition among celts but its rarely spoken. You may hear the yelp like scream of a hunter in the forest as he takes the life of another(whether czech boar hunter or British terrierman). Its a celebration of the life however; and an acknowledgement of the animals power. The oneness of a rider and his horse. One spirit. When you dont believe that you are in danger. Believe in the horse and he in you. That is a spiritual bond.


Paganism has been grossly misinterpreted by moderns. Nearly all so called christian beliefs are pagan in fact. Certainly the following:

1. the crucifix is a corruption of the North East South west power of the circle of life and displayed by a cross in a circle. The original device of a fish only caught on with the pagan design of the cross beneath as it was a blending of religious beleif. Ironic the fish is gone.

However certainly the crucifix has a power. Its as powerful a conductor of energy...like a water diviner or a circuit.

2.The madonna was a symbol well before the birth of Christ throughout Europe...and another reason christians could relate to it, particularly in catholic countries. Many spanish churches have rwo thousand year old Black madonnas in them. Its a symbol of mother nature or whatever.

3. The power of the trinity is merely the power of three and seen in many pagan beliefs and in mathematic structures.

4. The power of the steeple, like the pyramid a conductor of energy between heaven and earth.


Its absurd to believe that ANY once organic remnant doesnt have power. Pick up a dreamcatcher or a spirit horse. But it isnt necessarily the

arrangement or religious symbolism(thought he concentration of furs bones teeth claws and wood may help) . Think about it logically and scientifically. The wood can burn . It has latent energy still in it. then think about what a horse hair , a single horse hair, has in it. the dna structure for the entire animla. A single cell has this. And there are millions of cells in a single hair. Dormant maybe. But as a dead animla rots it can give life to everything else. Nature is a circle of life. It may not be magik, but it is powerful. Can such atrefacts do your bidding? If they could it would be dsrespectful. Can it give you a power of you respect it. Yes. At least the power to keep you warm; but so much more. When I am in the betting ring at a point to point on a cold day, the wind blowing in my fox fur ,I step forward to place my bet. The people look. Now I do not try to use the power to will my horse to win or anything coarse like that. But I am the fox in the chicken house. Wily. Shrewd. Lethal. I hunt the odds and takle the best price. Always. If it summer I have a mink tail in my pocket to help me hunt. Sometimes people have rabbits foot. We are one with nature when we can touch it. The energy is still there. Doubt me? Go and FEEL your FUR NOW. feel the electric in it still. feel it caress you. Then do the same with a faux. Can look nice, but it hasnt got it has it? That because it was never alive.

Now I am virtually vegetraian, but I do eat game from time to time. very very occasssionally because then you can feel its power. you can feel it become part of you, absorbed. Venison and boar are the best. You can feel thoses animlas become one with you. They live through you.The energy becomes yours. If you eat meat all the time it is wasted. It lies in your guts for weeks.


Feel wool or tweed, or leather. the same effect. feel wood over plastic....see its not s sexual thing is it? There is a power there; literally, that synthetics do not have. As such I believe all synthetics to be a vile abhorrence. A disease. A death destroying the planet, and weakening our own spirits.


And what of our own deaths? We become dust. Dust that becomes part of something else. Maybe a part of Alexander the Great becomes a part of your body. Your spirit. Maybe such energy can give you power. Not to abuse....I mean energy. Sometimes it can be negative. The day of the evil gun scenario. But sometimes positive. I have held a narwhal tusk and held a zulu shield. I have held the bridle of one of the 600(Into the valley of death). These things, whether they have been touched by greatness or if they are simply organic energy, are not dead. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. Carry on worshipping your false gods...money or imaginary deity. I am celt by blood. I know the circle, and know the circuits in it.


Have none of you felt it?


Do you not know that the animal lust you feel when making love in furs is because the animals are with you? That is primal energy... do not dismiss it as just a sex thing. Its more. let the PETAphile grow weak with his synthetics. Let him become diseased of the soul.


I do not talk about these things with many people but I know it to be true.


And worker; maybe the owl is drwn to you because it is a coincidence that its a good point to hunt. But maybe he is drawn for another reason. If it is so, it will become clear to you...dont think about it; just be open. And beware of your intellect misinterpreting what he is saying. It is he , the wise one. Listen dont think. He will bring you peace and wisdom; never negarivity. If you get something bad, its from your brain not him.

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Wise words Touch


But to be a bit more mundane for a moment. Re: fur. All I know is that if a girl wearing fur, (whether a friend, or a stranger passing in the street) gives me that special "look" that women often seem to give when they wear fur, my legs turn to jelly and I could become putty in their hands.


If that's not power, then I dont know what is !!


Dont you just love it when women do that?

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I agree with Touch's sentiments entirely. I have worked with horses and other animals before, been down in the dirt so to speak, and I also try to practice the use of Feng Shui, so I am a bit more aware of the energy around me as a rule of thumb. All things natural hold power if you take time to feel it... trouble is that so many people in this modern world are numb and mostly dead trodding thru life and don't feel what is right around them. The fur is quite charged with energy, and does evoke primitive, visceral feelings that are very much in line with the animal's spirit. All things are made up of energy when we break it all down; it is being open, aware and knowing how to best utilize this energy that counts.

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And that, Miss T is the power that fur gives them that the more "direct" male gut reaction doesnt understand; apart with with his primal dick.


That my dear ravens, is the power that the woman has over us. it is WHEN she is in touch with her relationship with the allure of the predator, that she has control over us mere prey.


The predator can hypnotise the prey.

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I have to agree with TOS almost 100%, in terms of the end result but I see the path from "Point A" to "Point B" differently.


Hold a mirror in your hand. Use it to look at something you see every day. Preferably, an object in nature. What you see in that mirror is a reflection of the object. It's not the object. It's a representation of it. It looks almost as real but it's only a reflection.


Take away the mirror and look at the object itself. Now you see that object's link to the greater Universe. You don't see the Universe. You see a reflection of it. You can use that reflection to find out where you are in the Universe and what part you play in it.


If you put yourself in harmony with the object you put yourself in harmony with the universe. When you do that you use the object's power to put yourself where you belong.


On the few occasions I have been able to do that, it was like the sky opened up to me and I was able to move through the world almost effortlessly.


TOS, you put on your fur and get on your horse and, when you are in harmony, I bet you feel like you are riding with the wind! I know it's true. I know you have felt it.


You walk into that betting ring with your fur on and I know you have clarity. You look at other people and you just see them differently. You don't look at them. You look "into" them.


Somebody who has never felt it can never understand it. But, once somebody has felt it, they will never forget it.


We get the same result. We just get there differently.

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That's a good thought about women wearing fur, Touch, puts the point very clearly. It explains why some women can wear fur and are just "Ok" with it. Other women can wear fur and "Woof" have they got it. Definately an energy.


I think for a lot of people these days it is so easy to be out of touch with the energy of the world and Nature. Living in cities etc, the energy can be so diluted and disrorted - so easy to mis-interpret. For those who have "eyes to see, and Ears to hear" though it is still there. Press your ear to a tree, touch the Earth and wait, "feel" the quality of the weather/climate/season, even if you are in a heated room. the quality is still there around us, you cant escape it, but can only ignore it if you so chose.


Guess that's why anti fur, anti meat, anti countryside people etc. are so vehement in their views. They just respond to their surface perceptions, and have lost touch with the true nature of things


I remember once coming face to face unexpetedly with a wolf (well about 25 feet) miles from anywhere in a forest. We were both on the same path heading towards each other. we both stopped and our eyes just locked and held, and Boy did some energy pass. It was quite awesome. As though , through our eyes, we were looking into each others soul. The wolf was definately aware of it and quite possibly was the instigator of the lock.Probably only about 30 seconds passed but time was irrelevent. Then, without any show of emotion, she just turned, walked back along the path, and then just disappeared into the forest. One of those life enhancing "insight" events.


Guess that's what you touch with, Touch, with your horse, and the energy of the event/meeting, and so on - that "oneness " with the moment


Actually when it comes to fur, I'm not so sure the fur retains the energy of the animal, but rather it becomes a channel to link us with the universal energy of which we are all part, both us and the original animal, the food the animal ate, The air it breathed,the ground that we and it walked on, and so on. It's just one huge bowl of soup we can all draw on once we realise we are swimming in it (materialistically speaking).


Poor sable - is this the kind or response/debate he was expecting when he posed the original question. perhaps we should go off topic with it.


(emoticon symbolising all we need to do is open our eyes!) But then of course you all knew that already, even if you didn't know you knew it!

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...it becomes a channel to link us with the universal energy of which we are all part...


Dude! You need to wrap your brain around some Thoreau!

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Sometimes reckon the whole world should wrap their brains around him. Emerson too come to that. Civil Disobedience? Now there's a can of worms. I would like to have talked to him about that after his two years at Walden. Etc etc. - Reckon this isn't for now though on this thread. I used to think he was a man before his time, but now reckon perhaps he was at exactly the right time.

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But I can attest to the power of a woman in fur in the world. Women in fur are treated with respect and deference by store owners, other shoppers, clerks. I've seen it time and time again. Special attention comes to she who wears fur.

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That is true what triboy46 says, that if you wear furs that it is assumed that you have wealth and therefore shop owners may pay more attention in hopes of gaining a regular customer. I pointed this out to an old friend of mine end of last year - he and I hadn't kept up in years, and I didn't have furs before so it was funny for him to see the different way people treated me when I wore my coats out. I told him to watch and see what happens, otherwise he wouldn't have noticed it himself. It can be a subtle difference, but not for those who have worked retail, food service or fast food, etc. as I have before. I found it amusing as most days I only had a tiny bit of money to spend on food (most of my furs are gifts, remember) and that was it. Assumption goes a long way, eh.

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Miss T, Do you notice any difference between men and women when it comes to giving more respect and deference to customers/clients etc. wearing furs?


I agree there is a significant wealth aspect to it, but I think also for men there is an ingratiation aspect to it (is that a word?).


If a man sees a woman who he admires, or desires, there is a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) change in his behaviour towards her.


He wants to be noticed by her, and one of the ways he can do this is be more polite, helpfull, respectfull towards her. Although sometimes the reverse happens and he can become more brutish, reflecting his macho side, and it seems some women find this attractive too.


However, on the whole, we are psychologically more drawn towards people who mirror what we do (Try it when meeting a stranger at a party). If a woman in furs appears to a man to be emphasising her softer feminine side. The man subconsciously thinks he will get further with her, and be noticed more by displaying softer actions such as politeness, respect and courteousnes.


I would open the door in a shop or pub for a girl wearing a furcoat much more speedily than one not wearing one, even if it was obvious she was a poor, money strapped student and the fur was second hand. Is that just me or does it hold for the other guys here? (actually i would probably hold the door open anyway, and these days be reprimanded for it !!)


So whilst for many it does seem to be a wealth thing, it does also happen in general at all levels. I'm inclined to think that the furs and wealth aspect might be more a woman response than a man thing.

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