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Hello fur lovers!!

Guest Furlover12

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Hi, I'm Furlover12 and i am new to this website so I want to introduce myself. I have been obsessed with furs ever since I was a child. I live on the east coast so when it gets cold I love to see women or men wear furs. My favorite type of furs are foxes such as arctic fox and silver fox. Well, I'm gonna keep this short and simple but I just wanted to introduce myself and I cannot wait to explore this website and meet fellow fur lovers!

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Furlover, it is really great to have you here as a new member and especially great to see that you have already posted messages with us. The more you participate the more fun you will have with us. It is so sad that so many members miss out so much because they don't understand that we are common folks, just like them. That the more members participate here, the more fun that they have.


Great to have you here! Hope we can meet up in chat some time maybe.


White Fox

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